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Detailed Description

  • 7"L x 1.5"W
  • One side medium coarse/other side coarse
  • No tools needed to replace rasp
  • Multi-use: remove clinches before removing a shoe, round off edges, dress flares

Detailed Description:

RaspNGo™ is the first tool of its kind designed specifically for horse owners to sustain and support hoof balance and soundness. RaspNGo™ allows users to safely and effectively round their horse’s hooves to retain and prolong balance between professional trims and improve the overall condition of a horse’s hooves.

Rounding-An Important Part of Balanced Hoof Care

“Rounding the hoof wall is a fundamental step in all trimming and is crucial for maintaining hoof form and soundness,” explains W.J. Tomlinson, the American Farriers Association Certified Journeyman Farrier who developed the unique RaspNGo™. Rounding encourages symmetrical growth and maintains the hoof capsule’s correct balance by eliminating flares and dishes. Rounding also removes sharp edges to prevent chipping and splitting. Excessive hoof growth and uneven wear causes stress on horse’s hooves and legs. Typically, rounding is done by a hoof care professional, but now you can supplement your horse’s hoof care regiment with RaspNGo™ between trims for healthier hooves!


An Innovative Solution - Improve Hoof Condition

  • RaspNGo™ is a maintenance tool for the hoof that rounds, not removes the hoof wall, starting grooming from the ground up. The hoof is in a constant state of change, requiring frequent upkeep especially for the barefoot horse. As soon as two weeks after a farrier visit, unshod hooves can become unbalanced. A rounding regiment with RaspNGo™ allows you to round away flares, chips, and sharp edges to lengthen the time your horse is in balance between trim
  • For a shod horse, losing a shoe can quickly damage the hoof wall. RaspNGo™ enables you to lightly round the edges of the foot to minimize further damage and stabilize the hoof until the farrier arrives to replace the shoe.
  • With RaspNGo™, horse owners can successfully keep barefoot broodmares, retirees and horses in their off-season more comfortable. It is also a great training tool for young horses.


Directions for Use

1. Begin by cleaning the hoof using a hoof pick and/or brush. We recommend that the hoof be clean and dry.

2. Similar to how you hold the hoof when using a hoof pick, hold the hoof in your hand and add further support by stabilizing the horse’s leg with your knee.

3. To remove flares and maintain proper hoof wall thickness, lay the bottom of the rasp flush on the outer hoof wall and push the RaspNGo™ forward. Remove less than half the hoof wall thickness.

4. To round the hoof, maintain the same position and lower the top side of the RaspNGo™. Push forward while lowering the top side to easily round the hoof.

Note: The RaspNGo™ may be used with either the large or small grip end in your palm, depending on the size of your hand.


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